Alanyan ulkomaalaiskomissio

Alanyassa toimii erityinen ulkomaalaiskomissio. Siinä on jäseniä mm.eri ulkomaalaiyhteisöistä. Komissio kokoontuu kuukausittain.


Tietoa Ulkomaalaiskomission kokouksesta


Ulkomaalaiskomission kokouksessa 2.7.2018 ollut maahanmuuttoviraston edustajia antamassa uutta tietoa ja vastaamassa kysymyksiin. Kopioitu Expatsien fb-sivulta.

Dear Expats,

A regular meeting of the Foreigners Committee took place on the 2nd July. We hosted representatives of the İmmigration Office (Göç İdaresi) from Antalya and Alanya. I am going to share the most important issues:

1. Criminal record is not required IN ALANYA if you apply for a short-term tourist residence permit.
2. At the moment the appointments are available in 20days from the online application. The ikamet itself arrives in a week or two but nobody can guarantee that. Officially they have 90 days to deliver it.
3. Within the period between your appointment (or sending the documents) and receiving your RP you are allowed to go abroad FOR 15 DAYS ONLY. To do so, you need a document from the Immigration Office.
4. After getting your first RP you need to register at your address at Nüfüs and get Nüfüs Kayıt Örneği. The purpuse is simple - they want to control who lives where and avoid having 100 people registered at the same address.
5. You can apply for the Permanent Residence Permit after having RP continuously for 8 years. One of the required documents is the criminal record. But since PRP is a separate and complicated issue, we didn't discuss it.
6. People with health problems and planned journey (tickets need to be shown) can get a quicker appointment. To do so, you are requested to visit Mr. Ramazan Şimşek - the director of Göç İdaresi office in Alanya. He promised to help.
7. New procedures for Istanbul residents have caused a great chaos all around Turkey. They are going to organize meetings with Expats of Alanya - most probably these will be a few meetings in various languages. Everyone will be welcome to join and ask their questions.
8. It was admitted that 157 call centre is not very effective, causes lots of misunderstanding and confusion. A separate information centre (e-mail address, call centre or whatsapp no may be created for Antalya province IF Ankara agrees to do so)
9. They warned us not to trust every person / company who offers help in the application process. There have been many cases of cheating, stealing money etc. What is more some of them just pretend to be professionals and do more harm than good.
10. There is a new application called Göç İdaresi for smartphones.
11. Universities are going to make the application on behalf of their students.
12. They made it clear that they HAVE A RIGHT TO ask for any additional document they want. But it does not mean everyone has to provide the same document. So if you hear from a person A they had to show this and that it does not have to be the same in your case.

Until the END OF JULY you can collect questions from the members of your groups / clubs / association and we will then forward them to Immıgration Office representatives.